Behind the name Dear there hides a talented young Danish one-man-army by the name of Laust Sonne.

Until now Laust has been best known as the drummer in the Danish rock band D-A-D, but with the debut album by Dear he is about to take another quantum leap in his musical career.

Dear should not be regarded as a side project, but as a fullblown launch of a solo career, which in the coming years will (probably) fill Laust Sonnes diary as much as D-A-D.

Laust Sonne is 26 years old, born and raised in a creative family in Copenhagen in Denmark.
His mother is an artisan while both his father and older brother are musicians.
When Laust was 4 years old his brother bought himself a drum kit. Laust couldn’t keep his fingers to himself and used every opportunity to bang away on these ”nice noisy toys”.
After a couple of years he began getting proper tutoring and made his stage debut at the early age of eight.

Since these early beginnings Laust has taught himself to play a variety of instruments – drums, bass, guitar, piano/keyboards, saxophone – he also sings and writes his own songs.
As Laust has not had proper tutoring on any instrument but the drums, the sound isn’t always by the book.
This makes for a distinct style and helps to create untraditional musical contrasts.

Butterfly Species
When he was 20 years old Laust Sonne moved to London with a couple of other musicians. Here they formed the band Butterfly Species.
After a few years gigging at various clubs the band decided to move on – this time to Los Angeles.
Here Butterfly Species arranged their own ”full moon parties” which created a buzz big enough to get the likes of
Rick Rubin (co-founder of Def Jam, American, producer of Black Crowes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash etc.) and Ted Fields (co-owner of Interscope Records) to drop by and check out the band.
Despite an offer of a record deal everything fell apart and Butterfly Species disbanded in the summer of ’98.

After laying low for a couple of months Laust decided to head back home. As much as the 4 years abroad had been a good musical learning process, it had also tested both his endurance and survival instinct.
He returned home carrying a heavy bag full of high times, experience and exciting records.
This experience would soon prove to be invaluable.

After only a few weeks at home Laust started playing with Danish artists Mark Linn and Tim Christensen, who was abouth to embark on his first solo tour after the break up of the hugely succesful band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy.

Around that time Laust was contacted by D-A-D whose drummer had just left the band.
D-A-D has for the last 10 years been one of the most succesful rock bands in Denmark.
After starting out playing cow-punk for fun in the mid-eighties as Disneyland After Dark they soon transformed into hard rock act D-A-D. Their success has not been confined to the Danish borders as throughout the nineties they have toured all over the world and sold lots of records in various countries – most notably Germany, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

At first Laust was only invited to participate in the recordings of the new album, but as they started working everybody was enjoying each other’s company so much, that it soon was obvious that D-A-D had got themselves a new permanent drummer.

The album ”Everything Glows” went Double Platinum in Denmark and Laust’s contribution to the band was singled out in every album and live review. Laust had played a big part in revitalising D-A-D.

Where anybody else would have considered joining the biggest rock band in Denmark as an ultimate high point in their musical career, Laust Sonne wanted more.
On top of a busy schedule with D-A-D Laust had been working on his own songs and ideas since returning home.
Only a month after starting the sessions for D-A-D’s album he also began recording his own solo album – ”Nice Noizy Toys (to scare the ghosts away)”. The album came to life during various ”D-A-D breaks” over the last 18 months.

Nice Noizy Toys
The album ”Nice Noizy Toys” is in every meaning of the word a ”solo” record.
Besides writing all the songs Laust Sonne has done all vocals and played all instruments on the record (apart from a few selected contributions from other Danish musicians).
With help from (Swede) Magnus Groth and Dyre Gormsen he also produced the album himself.

Laust Sonnes musical heroes and inspirational ”mentors” comprise such different artists as Miles Davis for his unpredictability and constantly exploring new sonic landscapes, Prince and Marc Bolan (T.Rex) for the songwriting and the attitude, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion for the energy and coolness and Nirvana for the songs, the energy and the raw emotional soulbaring.

This cocktail tastes of clear cut rock ’n’ roll, but with such different points of reference there obviously have to be detours in various directions, which the album also proves.

In both the music and the lyrics there is a constant tug of war between the masculine and the feminine, the rough and the gentle, the brutal and the fragile, the flashy and the quietly introspective – in other words an album full of contrasts and dynamics.

The title ”Nice Noizy Toys (To Scare The Ghosts Away)” is borrowed from a line in the William Burroughs’ book ”Cities Of The Red Night”, where a group of South American revolutionaries during the 17th century produce the first rifles in history. When the commanding officer is presented with the frightening inventions he spontaneously comments: ”Nice noisy toys to scare the ghosts away”…..

Dear live
Although Dear started out as Laust Sonne’s one-man-project it has evolved into a full band, who from March 15 will tour all over Denmark as well as gigging in both Sweden, Norway and Finland, where the album will also be released in March.

As a live act Dear are:

Laust Sonne: guitar, vocals
Rune Kjeldsen: lead guitar
Kaare Joensen: bass
Louise Preisler: keyboards, backing vocals
Johan Lei Gellett: drums

Live the music gets an extra shot of punkish energy and glam extravagance so that the attitude and the powerful drive take the front seat.

Laust Sonne will still continue as drummer in D-A-D.