Hell On Wheels

There is an aura with Hell on Wheels that has not yet been seen or heard with other bands. Straightforward, relaxed and inviting – a band that simply want to play and play.

[ Biografi ]

There Is A Generation Of Handicapped Poeple To Carry On
1. Having Ones Luggage Labelled
2. The Soda
3. Eagle Wings As Filtered Through Pigeon Shit
4. What Is The Influence
5. Power Bubbles Blown By Big Bitch
6. The Spell To Stiff Lightning
7. Blinded By The Light
8. If I Could Hear Your Heart
9. People To Carry
10. All My Efforts (Are Wasted On You)
11. The Bullring Of Free Trade
12. Ontario Is Babylon
13. Nemozob

The Soda
1. The Soda
2. Too Drunk To Fuck (live in studio)
3 Benno XXX

What Is the Influence
1. What is the influence
2. The Reign of someone elses UFO:s