Four years after the mind-blowing rock’n'roll review on the band’s first album – Silverbullit is back!

And though the beat is still hard as flint, it’s obvious that they’ve made great musical progress. The new album is characterised by surprising meetings between well-known rock¹n¹roll-expressions and influences from totally different directions.

Silverbullit was formed in Sweden’s second biggest city, Gothenburg, in the early 90′s. The rumour about singer Simon Ohlsson’s eruptive performances on stage was spread, and a large number of people began to attend the group’s concerts. The authentic live feeling can clearly be heard on the debut album Silverbullet (Fine Tone Recordings, 1997). The album was first released in Sweden and later, with a few additional traces, in the rest of Europe and Japan. The name of the group was now, as it still is, Silverbullit, since the American rap-artist Silverbullet had claimed his exclusive rights to the name.

After some touring abroad, the members of Silverbullit pulled themselves together for the making of their second album. The process was delayed by continuous trouble in finding the perfect drummer for the band. It didn’t work out until the eminent percussionist Anders Gustafsson (also in up-and-coming Gothenburg combo Svenson) became a permanent member of Silverbullit.

Citizen Bird is recorded in two sessions: in the Gothenburg studio White Noise in the fall of 1999, and in the Stockholm studio Decibel one year later. It has taken no less than two years to make the record, which has made it possible for the band to focus strongly on every single song. The record is more varied than the debut, but at the same time it’s an all-together concept where the Silverbullit sound is deeply injected into each composition.

The first single Star will be released on the 30th of January. It’s an epic, romantic tune where harmonies and melodies run in and out of each other in a typical Silverbullit way. Magnetic City, which is on the soundtrack to the new Swedish movie Festival, will be single number two. Here the band members exposes their rock¹n¹roll-roots but mix them up with electronic experiments and a monotonous power that firmly puts the classic rock inheritance in the 21st century.

The title song Citizen Bird is entirely instrumental, Iron Maiden’s song Running Free is made the Silverbullit way and in melancholic Axe Man bass player Jukka sings together with Karin Dreijer (Honey Is Cool, The Knife). The latter is an example of how the group members have shifted positions during the recording session. Another important condition in the making of this album is the sound experiments with tools such as the computer classic Amiga and the sound distorter E-bow.

In the spring of 2001, Silverbullit will tour Europe together with Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Norwegian rock band Euroboys. In February the band will headline a few gigs in the Netherlands. Silverbullit will also perform during the Swedish National Broadcasting Company’s arrangement “Popstad 2001″ (Pop City 2001) in the band’s hometown Gothenburg.

Silverbullit is:
Simon Ohlsson – vocals
Jukka Rintamäki – bass
Jon Ölmeskog – keyboards
Andreas Nilsson – guitar
Anders Gustafsson – drums